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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A Letter to Wil Wheaton 15 years late

Ok, I'm not ashamed to say it : I've loved Wil Wheaton since I was ten-years-old. Since reading his (in?)famous blog WWdN I've been feeling like maybe I should write him the fan letter that I should have written him all those years ago to tell him how great I think he was/is. If I had known that he was so insecure about himself I would have dropped him a line to say that I thought he was the coolest, and cutest actor around. My sister also had a thing for Wil, although I'm not sure that she'd admit it, or remember it now. When I was ten I had a subscription to Teen Beat Magazine and I used to tear out all the pictures of the Celebs that I thought were soooo cute, and let me tell you, I had a Wil Wheaton section (I don't feel like it was very big though, Teen Beat needed to publish more pics of my Wil.) I was one of those pre-teen girls that watched Star Trek TNG (at first) only because Wil was on it. The other day I happened to catch a TNG rerun and when Wil came onscreen I was as excited as I would have been at 10. I even really like the movie Toy Soldiers, although I wouldn't say it was necessarily Wil's best performance (although his character was kind of tough and sexy and I cried when he died). We all know it, and it's been said many times, but Wil was brilliant in Stand By Me. I'm sorry, I had to say it, so tough. It makes me so sad that Wil's career took a nose dive all those years ago, and he went off the radar screen, except for some obscure stuff that I've never seen. It never occurred to me that he wasn't in movies and stuff because he couldn't get parts. I mean, he's Wil Wheaton! Who wouldn't want to see Wil Wheaton in a movie? He's legend, he's classic, he's great! If I had known then what was really going on in his life I would have written him a letter.

Dear Wil,

My name is Dominica and I'm (10, 11, or 12) years-old. I think you are a really good actor and you are soooo cute! I have pictures of you from magazines hanging on my wall and I like to kiss you goodnight every single night! I think that the part in Stand By Me when Gordie tells the story about the pie-eating contest was sooo funny! But I can't watch the part where everybody starts puking, because it makes me kind of sick. Was it scary to have to swim across that swamp? Did the leeches hurt? I think you're very brave because leeches are sooo gross! I hope you are in alot more movies because you are sooo cute and sooo cool! I love you Wil! I hope I get to marry you someday, or at least meet you so I get to kiss you in person instead of just your picture.

Love always,
Dominica Anne


At 3/24/2005 10:19 AM, Blogger ~ jordana said...

To be honest, I felt *exactly* the same way about Wil.

It made me sad to think about people putting him down for playing Wesley my young mind he was pretty hot!


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